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  • What We Do

    We are an independent property advisory and project management practice with a wealth of experience.

    Our core expertise is construction project management, complemented by our property advisory services. Our experienced and dynamic team will deliver exceptional results at every phase of your project. We work to no one’s agenda but yours and we strive for excellence, delivering as we say, with integrity, on time, on budget and of a high quality.

    Our Core Values
    HAM Ambition Ambition

    We believe success can only be achieved by seizing the right opportunities and that ambition should be celebrated. We support, nurture and mitigate risk to ensure people and projects are able to thrive.

    HAM Authenticity Authenticity

    We always do what’s right,even when it’s difficult. Our individual actions are informed by a sense of the greater good, reflecting our belief that integrity and authenticity are the foundations of anygood relationship.

    HAM Commitment Commitment

    When we sign up to any challenge, we do so with complete commitment. Our responsibility to deliver is a commitment we all share.

    HAM Collaboration Collaboration

    We are passionate about maximising collective output through open and effective collaboration. By aligning the best talent within and beyond our team, our output is infinitely enriched.

    Our Esteemed Clients
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